Aluminium Pool Fencing

Pool fencing is among the factors that influence the style and design of a pool. The enclosure should be strong but stylish in order to guarantee security and fashion, respectively. Among the methods you can use is the aluminium Pool fencing, which is effective for all sizes and shapes. The metal is inactive to some extent and compatible with many different colors, suitable for different individual and pool needs.

Aluminium Pool Fencing

Fencing requires a strong and durable material that will not require occasional replacements. For pools, the paints used should be permanent to avoid dry paints accessing the water. Another aspect to consider with aluminium metal is rusting resistance. This is unlike other metals such as steel which are prone to rusting, giving the pool an old look. The fact that aluminum is lighter makes it easy to mould and design, to match the different pool designs.

Recently, manufacturers have introduced the powder-coated fences in an effort to boost durability of the fence. This powder guarantees of a weatherproof fence, which will require minimal maintenance due to the added strength. In addition, the posts are able to maintain the original colors for long, which is exclusive for aluminum types. When compared to other fencing options such as steel, Aluminium is cheaper both at purchasing and at maintenance.

How to Choose the Best

With the many aluminium Pool fencing designs available, how you choose among them is important. Prices will defer depending on the complexity of the designs you need and the number of posts that you need. Here are some tips to guide you in purchasing the best:

Determine your Rating requirements

Generally, there are three ratings, industrial, commercial and residential, depending on metal strength. They come in different prices, since they are suitable for different strength requirements. 

Pool Orientation

The shape of the pool dictates the most appropriate designs you need to purchase. Generally, the rectangular and circular shapes are the most common and they will influence the designs of posts to use. You may require consulting a professional to get the best designs for your pool.

Security Required

The meshing volumes differ and they are important in securing the pool. For instance, you may need to restrict entry of pets into the pool and this will require thin meshes while compared to large meshes for normal pools.

Subjective Factors

These are individual factors and include colors and heights of the aluminium Pool fencing The only trick in this is avoiding loss of design and style due to the color choices that you make. For the heights, safety and security should come into play.

Aluminium Pool Fencing Installation Tips

The land terrain is the first factor to consider in installation. For a strong fence, the posts should be at least 30 inches deep with anchors to keep the fence strong and straight. The gateposts should be the deepest since the gate moving and they could sag with time. If you prefer going the DIY method, here are tips to guide you:

  •  Ensure the area has no underlying pipes as you mark the holes
  •  Run a string all around to mark the corners before painting the post locations
  • Create an effective concrete and anchor the posts before using concrete
  •  Ensure all posts are perpendicular and strong as you install them